Bupa Emma TV Advert

What is the purpose of the moving images sequence?
The purpose of this advert is to promote private health care and the positives of using this friendly service and their benefits. The animation is telling a story which a lot of people can relate to.

Why have motion graphs/ visual effects been used?
They have animated this advert rather than using humans as it would have been easy to make, amend, time and locations. I think it would have been difficult for them to achieve a minimalist feel if they had incorporated humans. They wanted to produce a short advert that is effective and can put the message across.

What is the graphical style?
The animation is flat, simplistic and is geometric, even the pale colours used are not over powering they are delicate and sensitive. Every thing looks well balanced from the character to the font used and Bupa’s logo towards the end of the advert. This advert also has a minimalist feel and approach to it. This advert is calm to watch and friendly and playful. The advert is not overpowering or shouting at you.

What is the animation style of graphics?
The advert runs smooth into the next scene and looks clean. Simplistic in the way it looks and feels. I like the way they have used simple geometric shapes to create the characters and the environment. The advert is not scary or trying to frighten you it is calm.

How are the video and graphic combined?
This advert is made up of multiple layers of animated characters and different environment scenes. Some of the characters have been created to interact with each other which works well.

How does the combination of these factors help serve the purpose for which the piece has been create?
I like this advert and its simplistic, minimalist style; all of the above elements help to make this advert successful. And they have achieved what they have planned out to do.


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