Calvin Harris – My Way (Lyric Video)

The Main Video has been taken off Youtube so i have added some images of the video i was talking about below.

Video can been seen on the below link





What is the purpose of the moving images sequence?
This music video “My way” by Calvin Harris has been created to look like a kaleidoscope, with changing images for the background. For me it is giving off a calm relaxing impression.

Why have motion graphs/ visual effects been used?
Motion graphics have been used to help create a kaleidoscope look to this music video. They have used landscape images and mirrored them. It also has a symmetry look to it as well as incorporating geometric patterns at the same time. They have done this to make the video interesting visually. I like the way they have timed the background images to be in sync with the music.

What is the graphical style?

The style for this music video is modern, clean, and sleek it also has combined symmetry, mirror and geometric shapes, and patterns repetition. It also looks psychedelic at time.

What is the animation style of graphics?
The video gives the impression it is on a loop/ repetitive. The video has a calming relaxing mood to it due to it having symmetry. The music video flows well into the next background image. Even the pace of video links up nicely to the music.

The typography used is bold in its appearance and is shown promedent in the centre of the music video. What also helps it to stand out against the colourful background is the colour white. I really like they way the artist voice has been linked up perfectly with the typography. Even the way the typography enters the shot and goes out of shot looks nice and sleek and is well timed.

How are the video and graphic combined?

To achieve the look they wanted they have combined different footage/images of landscapes; they have arranged then so that they flow into the next image and look all in sync with each other when they are shown mirrored. The geometric patterns which give the impression they have been animated add a different element to the video. They have used a lot of layers to create this music video such as when adding the typography, and when the animated birds fly across the screen. What also makes this video nice is the way they have created geometric patterns which compliments the background image. Even some of the background in parts starts to rewinds backwards in time with the music. They have used multiple background images which are on a loop.

How does the combination of these factors help serve the purpose for which the piece has been created?

The overall feel of this music video works with all the different parts to it. And the main key part for this video is timing. The way patterns, images, or text comes into shot, makes the video successful. If they didn’t have that I don’t think this video would have worked so well.


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