Créditos Festival Inspirational 2014 – Pieza del jurado

What is the purpose of the moving images sequence?
The festival title opens is promoting fine art, the video tells the audience which arties will be there.

Why have motion graphs/ visual effects been used?
They have used visual effects in there title to promote fine art in an eye catching, artistic, interesting and beautiful.

What is the graphical style?

The festival title looks gives the impression of being clinical, modern, clean and Minimalistic.

The typography is bold and in capitals to stand out against the background. They have animated the typography so that it begins in focus then goes out of focus. They have done this because the main feature in this video is a machine that test the strength of your eyes. The focus part has been inspired by this machine.

Some parts of the typography have been created to have a shadow which creates depth to the text.

What is the animation style of graphics?
The video looks and feels smooth, the camera angles makes the video subject look delicate.
All the effects, typography and colours looks well balanced in this festival title.

The video flicks between slow and fast moments of the camera angles and working parts of the machine.

How are the video and graphic combined?
They have incorporated animated parts, such as the text and lenses, along with this they would have created the machine using 3D software.

They have added camera flare and made the surface or the machine look realistic within its environment.

How does the combination of these factors help serve the purpose for which the piece has been created?

All the effects that have been used in this festival title have helped to produce a well balanced video which also looks interesting.


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