Deadpool Opening Credits

What is the purpose of the moving images sequence?
Straight away from the title you can tell that it is an action movie full of drama, explosions, action and humour, what ells do you want in a superhero film.
The trailer is setting the mood for the film as well as showing the viewer what is installed. The title is introducing the character to the audience, along with this it is also poking fun at the characters and the people who were behind creating this film.
The title portrays all the stereotypes that are incorporated with action/superhero films,

Why have motion graphs/ visual effects been used?

They wanted to use visual effects because they wanted to create something epic and full of action. To achieve this they needed to use visual effects because without the use of it would have been difficult to achieve this successfully. Straight away you can tell a lot of money has been pumped into the production of this film.

What is the graphical style?
The trail looks stylistic, epic, and modern and overall has a smooth feel to it. Even the typography used looks dramatic, bold and stands out at you. I like the way they have integrated the text into the scene to give the impression that some of it is hidden behind objects.

What is the animation style of graphics?
This film title is smooth, slow, has different camera angles and perspective. I like the way the characters are frozen which give it a stylistic look and approach.

They have incorporated elements of humour by taken the mick out of the leading character Ryan Reynolds by showing the People’s 2010 “Sexiest Man Alive” magazine with Reynolds on the front cover. Giving the impression of what type of humour is to follow. It also gives the impression that there is no one that they won’t make fun of. I like the way they have used text instead of the actor’s names such as
“ A Hot chick”, “A Moody Teen” and “Produced By Asshats”.

How are the video and graphic combined?
They have used many layers to create this work as well as visual 3D effects. The title has been design to give the impression of being shot inside a car. The camera moving between the spaces and around the frozen characters (bullet time) and shards of glass. This perspective they have created with the camera makes it look interesting, as well as makes you wonder what has happened. They have also integrated special effects, which help to create a realistic environment.

What works really well is, the way they have slowed it down. This helps the viewer to take in everything that is happening and digest what they have just seen. As well as this the different camera angles and the elements of humour makes it enjoyable to watch.

How does the combination of these factors help serve the purpose for which the piece has been created?

The overall feel of this film title and the way they have integrated visual effects makes the title visually stimulating to watch, and unfold before your eyes.
All the 3d effects used have been created in a way which makes it successful.
A lot of hard work and dedication has gone into creating this anticipated film.
What help to also make the title is the way they have incorporated action and humour, there not taking it’s self too seriously.


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