Semi-Permanent 2015 Opening Titles.

What is the purpose of the moving images sequence?
The festival title opens with a dark and ary space scene, and then an astronaut enters the scene which shows them getting ready to leave. They have created it so that it can show the audience which artist are going to be at the event.

Why have motion graphs/ visual effects been used?

They also wanted to have an eye catching, artistic, interesting and beautiful title this is why they have used visual effects.

What is the graphical style?
The festival title looks Syfy, futuristic, lonely with all of the space, Minimalistic, clean, modern and stylistic. The music that plays along has the feel of suspense and adventure to unfold.

What is the animation style of graphics?
This festival title has a smooth movement to it when it is going to the next scene.

I like the way they have animated the typography so that it flicks when entering and leaving the shot. The typography is thin and delicate against the black background and is well balanced.

What also work’s well is the different camera angles which have been used to create drama and suspense.

How are the video and graphic combined?
This video would have been created using 3D software and using multiple layers.
The footage has been well combined and looks realistic and a lot of money and time has gone into the production of this.

I like the way they have incorporated geometric shapes to be shown on the astronaut helmet which gives the imprecation that the astronaut is looking at a computer screen.

I like the way they have created the scenes where the astronaut is floating around buildings and monuments in space. The astronaut looks so alone and vulnerable, its not till they arrive on a planet that is shaped like a stone human head, you feel relieved.

It is clever when the astronaut lands they begin to take there helmet off but then the scene changes to a black background with typography, this adds to the drama and suspense. Because you don’t get to see their face.

How does the combination of these factors help serve the purpose for which the piece has been created?
This title is beautiful to watch because of the use of visual effects and the way they have made the text animate. It looks like it should be a film rather then a festival title. The festival title is very detailed especially when the building and monuments come into the frame.


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