Resolution – is the number of pixels which make up an image. Pixels need to be told what colour to be. RGB and Alpha help to make the colours which can be from 0(Min) – to 255 (Max). The more pixels there are the more information which means the file size will be bigger to accommodate this. This will make the display look sharp and clear.

What are standard resolutions?

  • Standard-definition  (SD) television – 640 x 480
  • SD Widescreen –1024 x 576
  • HD TV – 1920 X 1080
  • 4K – 3840 X 2160


Why do people use different resolutions?

There are different resolutions as there are multiple platforms that we view moving image material on. Along with different television types (Standard-definition televisions and HD TV) we are also using different platforms to display work on such as cinema, mobile devices, internet etc.

Because of all these different delivery platforms these standard resolutions have been developed so they look the way they could on that platform, be able to playback good and the processor should be able to handle it.

What problems could be cause if you work at the wrong resolution?

What problems could be cause if you work at the wrong resolution?

If we are working at the wrong resolution the image quality would not look right as well as the image would be stretched across the screen cutting parts of. I have included some examples below. And the other way around? Trying to play a video with too high a resolution? If the Image is small it will look blur when you try to make it fit the screen. Using a high Image could be too big for the screen and cut off parts of the Image.


What are the benefits/drawbacks of larger and smaller resolutions?

The advantages of having a Small Resolutions results in the file size being small, taking up less storage. However you have a lower image dimensions in pixels, which mean you have you have less pixels.

The advantages of having larger Resolutions means the files size will be larger to compensate with the image having more pixels. This will take up more storage but you will have a better quality image as it will have more details.





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