Pre-Production – Analysis design brief – Hidden Worlds (Festival Trailer)

Analysing Brief for Hidden Worlds – Festival Trailer

To start off this project I first began to analyse the brief and highlight information that was relevant for this project.

The aim of this brief is to create a Festival Trailer for “Three ply” which are a creative hub for digital artists and designers based in Liverpool.

The Festival Trailer once finished will need to be upload onto Vimeo.


These images above shows parts of how I have stated to break down the brief as well as other information I need to be aware of. This is a good starting point to help me begin analysing my brief.

These are some of the things that I need to be aware of when starting a project to help me plan my time successfully and keep to a deadline.





Key Points


  • Final Deadline: 19.01.17
  • Presentation of research and initial ideas : 08.12.16


  • When creating the festival trailer it must be 30sec to 1 min in length.
  • Festival trailer


  • When creating the festival trailer it must be 30sec to 1 min in length.
  • 25fps
  • 1080p
  • Date of festival
  • Name of festival
  • Name of people/ companies (not all of them)


  • Video file format – quicktime
  • Upload onto Vimeo ( link to blog)

Key Points

The Client

  • Called Three Ply
  • Liverpool based
  • Work on Commercial, Educational and Art projects
  • Creative Hub
  • Bring together different disciplines
  • Digital
  • New way – Socuing problems – Expressing Ideas – Telling stories ( Using Technology)

The Festival

  • Hidden worlds
  • 04.09.17  – 25.09.17
  • Liverpool
  • 1st Ever
  • Several Venues (Art, disused spaces)
  • Showcase work and holds talks
  • Audience – local people – creative worldwide
  • Purpose – showcase

The Theme

  • Hidden Worlds
  • Invisible that surrounds us everyday
  • Digital/ Technological
  • Real world

– Built environment

– Nature


  • Closer look
  • Routinely ignore
  • Expose
  • Co-Exist

The Video

  • Metaphor for theme
  • Any media

– Video

– MG

– Illustration

– Photography


  • Names/ Typography
  • See ‘Constraints’

Weekly Planner can be viewed here – Week One week01


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