Rotoscope in After Effects

With this video I have created, I have learnt how to use Rotoscope, I have use this on the chair to allow the yellow triangle to be visible behind it and to also look realistic. I have also used this technique on the garden fens where the yellow triangle is moving in the back ground. This technique is useful to use to add an extra touch to the video.

To create this video I have used,

  • Scale/ Tranformation
  • Rotoscope
  • Rotation
  • Blur  – to make the video look like it has gone out of focuse
  • Opacity – on shape and bar to fade into focus
  • Vignette
  • Easy ease  – to make the movement look smooth on the shape and bar
  • Alpha matte
  • Feathering – on shapes edge
  • Adjustment layer – colour balance



One thought on “Rotoscope in After Effects

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