Pre-Production – Location pics/ Recce Sheet/ Risk Assessment Form – Hidden Worlds (Festival Trailer)

Location Pics

I first began looking for places in Liverpool that had tunnel so I went to Liverpool Cathedral to have a look at a tunnel they have leading down to the grave yard and also the Birkenhead tunnel entrance.

After viewing these places I began to think that it would be difficult to record and also make a interesting video.

So I began to think of places in Liverpool that are hidden Such as Western Approach, which is a bunker that was the headquarters for the batten of the Atlantic.  This would be more interesting site to record. But I encored some problem as they are closed for winter and would not be opening up until march 2017, as I need to have this project to be finished by the end of January this would not be achievable. I then began focusing my energy on other second world war things, where I remembered going to U- 534 in Woodside, Birkenhead. This is a Museum which has on display a submarine from the second world war. This will tie in with my hidden worlds theme.

Recce Sheet – can be viewed below


Website address –

You can see the location photographs below which I got from the museum website, this museum is indoor and outdoor.

I have been in contact with the museum to see if i will be able to take photographs and record with in the museum. I will be allowed to do both.

Risk Assessment Form – can be viewed below


Weekly Planner can be viewed here Week 4 week04


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