Pre-Production – Styleframes – Hidden Worlds (Festival Trailer)


On Photoshop I have created some styleframe, I have had to use image from google of the U-Boat U534.

I have tried to make the text look redacted using using the black boxes. I have used Lato and 1940’s font.

I think having an up close image would look better and also would add mystery to the object.


I have added a Vignette to create a atmosphere.

After talking to Dan and showing him the style frame i have procured so far he liked the look of they but suggested that I have a look at Digital Fonts and maybe not use a typewriter font as it gives a military feel. I will keep this in-mind when making further ideas.

After Talking to Dan I have had a go at using digital fonts as you can see from my below ideas, I also experimented with using colour to make the text stand out. These sets of work have a modern feel to them because of the way i have presented the text and also the font I have used which is Helvetica Light and bold.

Looking at different ways the text can come onto the screen, such across the screen and crashing into each other or down from the top of the screen.

With these style frame I have make’d the name of the arts be in capitals so they stand out more. In the first frame the text is large then in the next frame the text size has reduced. i have used Tall Dark And Handsom C font.

In keeping with a code theme I have crated the style frame so that when the text is first on the screen it is in code that changed into the name of the artist in the show. I have used Robot font. I wanted to use a Modern font that was thin.

With these style frames I have make the text look like glitch art, on some of them I have even added a wind effect to a layer and changed the blend mode.

Weekly Planner can be viewed here Week 5 week5

Weekly Planner can be viewed here Week 6 & 7 week6and7


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