Post Production – Hidden Worlds – (Festival Trailer) – Work I have done

Video Editing

Once I chosen the right video footage I opened then all up in Premier Pro where I was able to edit the different video footage and find the best parts of the footage as well as add the Audio. I timed the change of each footage to be in syn with the audio playing in the background. I was able to put all the footage I wanted to use into a folder to make the work spaces organised.


Composition size 1920 x 1080 (1080dpi)

Once completed I then imported the projected into After Effects, import – adobe Premier pro project.

This video below shows the work I have done so far for my Festival Trailer.


To find the Audio I wanted to use I went onto boomkat where I was able to find the right music.

I have used is Erik Luebs – Frozen Eye on BBC 6 Music (15th Anniversary Comp – Project Mooncircle 2017) because I wanted to use techno music. I converted the song on YouTube convert and then opened it in media encoder and saved it as a AIFF file. Then I was able to add the audio file onto the footage in Premier pro.

To ward the end of the Festival Trailer I have duplicated the audio to get the best fad out to the video.


Animation and compositing

To help me start off my project I look at several YouTube tutorials to see how I could create the glitch look to my work (tutorial information can be found on the experiment page). I have used adjustment layers which have a displacement maps attached, along with this I have also used a glitch video. I have also made the text track parts of the video using mocha.

The below screen shoot shows the adjustment layer displacement map, I have alternated between using tile map and centre map to crate different looks to the video.

Screen Shot below is for displacement map settings.


To make the text track objects in the footage I have used Mocha, I pasted the code from Mocha and copied it onto a Null layer (making sure that the line was at the start of the footage). I then parented the text layer to the null layer.

You can see this in my below screen shots.

Work Done on 02.02.16

I have made the text look blurry and also animated them by using Character offset – character alignment and keyframes. By doing this it has linked in well with the enigma machine.

I wanted to also give the feel of redacted text so I have animated box which can reveal the names or cover then up. And I have also made the boxes move with the text underneath. To do this I need to place the boxes in the right place then parented them with the text.

The top screen shot shows how I have animated the text.

I didn’t need to do any colour correction to my video, all I have added is an vignette.

Video for Festal Trailer

To exported this video I first needed to render it in After Effects as a QuickTime (animation) video file format then save as uncompressed.

When compressing the video in Media Encoder I looked at the design brief to get the right information such as (compressing the video will reduce the file size) –

  • Video file Format – QuickTime
  • Video Codec – H264
  • Audio Codec – AAC Stereo, 16 -bit, 44.1 khz
  • Date Rate – 15 000kbps – 20 000kbps

When saving in Media Encoder  – name of file then added compressed at the end.

After doing this I was then able to upload the video onto my vimeo account and copy the code onto WordPress.

Keeping organised

Screen shoot of how I have organised my layers.

Pink – Adjustment layers

Green – Video

Red – Other

Yellow – Null layer

Blue – Text/Font

To also keep my work spaces organised, I have Pre-Compose layers and videos.

Screen Shot of all of the Festival Trailer footage

Weekly Planner can be viewed here for Week 10 & 11 week10and11

Weekly Planner can be viewed here for Week 12 week12


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