Review of Hidden worlds Festival Trailer

Review of Hidden worlds Festival Trailer

Final Video for Hidden Worlds Festival Trailer.

With the over look and feel I am happy with my 1st Festival Trailer. I have created, In doing this project it was allowed me to learn different design programmes such as Premier Pro, After Effects and Media Encoder. As well as this I have better understanding of how much time and preparation goes into to creating a video such as from the start were you go out and filming the footage to the end process of editing the video and adding sound.

I have full enjoyed this project and feel that I have learnt a lot from of the design programmes used and the process involve.

In order for me to complete my Festival Trailer on time I stuck to my timetable I set out for myself. I did encounter several problems with this project such as the original museum I wanted to film at was closed for winter. When I found a different location I was not able to get footage as the automatic doors leading out to the U-Boat were not working.

Over coming all of this I feel that the work, time and effort I have put in to creating this Festival Title has made up for the initial problems I encountered.

I have chosen to focus on the U-Boat because the idea of a U-Boat is to be hidden, out of sight, what also intrigue me was the enigma machine with its coded messages. This is where I got the idea from to do redacted text which is in keeping with the seconded world war theme. At the start of this project I wanted to look at tunnels but I now feel that going with the U-Boat idea was the right one because it was more interesting to look at.

To start off this project I analysis the design brief, and did research into Liverpool, festivals and events which have been held in Liverpool, different location around Liverpool.

Looking at my Festival Trailer like “Semi Permanent and Creditos Festival” (these examples can be found on my home page) has help me to achieve my finished Festival Trailer. I took inspiration from them such as the closed up shoots and the modern font used, I wanted to incorporate this into my work.  Along with this I also looking at my moodboards, visual references and style-frames for reference.

When looking back at my style frames I have used the glitch idea on the text but also on the video footage. Along with this I have also used modern font for the Festival name, dates and artist name. I have incorporated the redacted text with the white boxes. In some of my style frames I have used the colour green for the text, I desired to change the colour to white to make them stand out against the back ground footage. I have also change the colour of the boxes to white.

After looking at my moodbord I could see that I want to incorporate glitch effects and redacted text, I looked at different YouTube Videos which could help me to achieve this wanted look (a list of YouTube tutorials can be found on footage and experimental work page).

When recorded the footage I know I wanted to use a lot of close up shoots so that you don’t know what it is until the end of the Festival Trailer. To make the footage not look like a photo I have incorporated movement into the footage to do this I held the camera but closed my elbows into my body to create a smooth movement.

I wanted to use an audio which was techno and have a irie vibe to it, the song I have used is Erik Luebs – Frozen Eye on BBC 6 Music (15th Anniversary Comp – Project Mooncircle 2017). I obtained the audio from YouTube them converted it to a AIF file which could be opened in Premier Pro. I feel the audio works well with the footage I have recorded and it is also timed in sync with the footage change which is very important and crucial.


Importing the Premier Pro work into After Effects I have been able to add the glitch effects and redacted text. I have also made the text track parts of the footage such as the typewriter which has added a nice quality to the video, to do this I have use Mocha. Along with this I have also made the text slight blur to that it blend in better with the footage.

I have also animated the Text so that the letter are changing then go into the name of the artist as show on the image below. To do this I change the character alignment and character range. Having this effect on the text make the video look visually interesting.

To create the redacted text look I have made the white boxes follow the text by parenting them. I have change what the white boxes do in the different clips such as cover up the text then revile the names. Or show the names then cover them up. I wanted to have them different and not repeating and looking the same all the time. I feel I have been able to achieve this. I have used Lato light typeface because I wanted to use a modern font to contrast against the harsh environment, delicate text against a manmade objected.

Glitch effects

To get the glitch look I have download a glitch video, added adjustment layers that with displacement map. I have used two different displacement map behavi – Center Map or Tile map. I also linked the map layer to the Glitch Video. How I have made the effects can be seen in the below screen shoot.

Tile map effects the hold footage where the Centre map only effects the center, both of them give a good look. I also have a glitch video which is playing along with my footage I have changed the opacity throughout increasing it and decreasing it to create this distressed look.

Keeping work space organised

To help me keep my work space organised I have colour coordinate and also Pre-Compose files.

End of Festival Trailer

To make the end of Festival Trailer look right I have made the white bar go smaller and fad out, then a date of the Festival Trailer is show on a black screen which fads in. To get the Audio right for this part I need to duplicate it then move to match up with the original one then fad out. Doing this has made the Festival Trailer look interesting and is timed in nicely with the audio and it doesn’t finish abruptly.

My video footage last for 53 seconded which is within the time allow stated on the design brief.

What I have used to create my Finished Festival Trailer

  • Adjustment layers
  • Displacement Maps
  • Tracking (Mocha)
  • Null layer
  • Stock video (glitch video)
  • Scale
  • Fad in and out
  • Animate the text
  • Film footage
  • Audio

The overall designs and feel of the Festival Trailer looks well executed and professorial. I took on board all of the feed back I got from Dan, which hes help towards me creating an interesting Festival Trailer. The Festival Trailer has been finished to a high standard. The Trailer looks modern and sleek.



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