Complexity – Thumbnail Sketches, Initial Ideas and Development

On this page are my initial Ideas, I have stated off with drawing thumbnails which can be seen in the below photographs. I have use a cogs shape and explore different ways of showing it as well as using the photographs I have taken.

For my Ideas I have taken inspiration from the research I have done on the artist, swiss design and my first hand research from the museum.

Initial Ideas

To create the below work I have used processing to create the generated image and illustrator to create the layout.

I wanted to experiment to see how I can put the work together to create a poster.

With the above ideas I have used the images of the cogs I have created when using processing and imported them illustrator to create a set of three posters. I have used a modern font to make the poster look interesting as well as used bright colours like green and reds. Having the white text allow for the information to stand out and be bold.


For these Ideas I have used the photographs I have taken in the museum to create this set of work, the above work look like a painting. On the red pieces of work  I have altered the opacity which allow for the random photographs to be seen. This set of work looks visible interesting and eye catching because it make you look at it close up to see what it is. I wanted the work to have a receptive feel to it with having the images repeating.

More Sketch Book Work

To have the posters look modern I have came up with some more ideas for layout, such as having red lines going through all three poster creating a repetitive patten/motion. I could even have the images of the cogs going off one of the posters but showing up on the next poster in the series.


I saw this inforgraphs on Pintrest, I really like the simply layout and the way the information is being put across. I would like to take inspiration from this and out this into my own work. what I also like is the simply use of three colours throughout the work. It give the work a nice simply modern look and feel to the work. Link to work on Pintrest –[]=history%20of%20the%20inernal%20combustion%20engine%7Ctyped

Processing Work

The code for creating this work can be found on the below link

To get the image of the Bolt, Spiral and Cog, I first draw them using illustrator.

When I draw the inter shape I need to make sure the fill was empty, then highlight both shapes then went onto pathfinder and click onto the minus front button. After I did that I then expand the shape and make the clipboard the same size as the bolt shape. Once I did this I then saved a SVG file as well as have a illustrator copy.

With the SVG file I am able to drag this onto processing, within the code I need to state the file name. If I did not do this the drawing I have done will not show up.

More Ideas crated using processing, illustrate and photoshop

I have experimented with the text by trying to make it look random.

On these work I have used a gradient, on top of the images I created in processing of cogs. I wanted to create a modern looking cog so I have tried to make them look stylistics.


After Showing Dan the work I have done, Dan suggested to look on Manchester Science and Industry website to see what information I could include on my work as it need to have more text to explain what the posters are about. Here are some more ideas I have come up with. On the below work you can see that all three posters have the same layout, I want this because it also symbolizes to the repetitiveness the machines dose.

On the below ideas I have coded the work I have created on processing to be exported as a PDF document, this will help to make the work look less pixelated. I have also added the limited edited number to the posters as well and change Manchester science and Industry logo to a black version. I like the way the posters are looking and each poster looks well balanced and works well as a set. I have also experimented with changing the large text colour from having it white to now having it black. I have changed the texture overlay to a metal textures which also adds a nice quality to the posters and also incorporates what the machines where made from.



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