Complexity – Final Work and Evaluation

Final Work – set of three posters



I have enjoyed completing my ‘Complexity’ project, as it has allowed me to gain a better understanding of how to use Processing and incorporate this into my work. And learn a new programme.

To start of my research, I broke down my design brief to see what was being asked of me such as timescale and constraints. Alongside this I researched what ‘Complexity’ means, what processing is, I also looked into 5 artists who produced generated art work.

As my project will be focusing on the Industrial Revolution I researched man-made machines from this era as for me industrial machines and there complex construction which ties in well with the project theme. I wanted to look more at the moving parts which made up machines and how they are construed. For this I took lots of photographs when I visited the Maritime museum.

I was asked by my client to produce three limited edition posters, promoting one of their premonition exhibition which focuses on the industrial revolution. I have made the posters A3 as I feel this size is more impactfully on the audience and will attracted their attention. As my target audience had not limiest did not effects the design process. The only construction is the print work must be 300dpi.

Through this project, I have always referred to my timetable I have set out for myself and produced a weekly planner. By doing all of this I was able to stay on trace with my work and hit all of my deadlines.

For this projected I have done a lot of experimentation work and I have watched tutorials by Daniel Shiffman and other ones I have found on Youtube focusing on Processing. I have done this so I can see how to use this program and what I can achieve with this programme. I have also read a book called “Generated Deign” this book was good to read and to also refer to when producing my work.

All of the work I created and my experimentation work I have produced I have added them onto my open processing account, where you are able to view the work as well as the code I have used.

For this project, I could gather primary resource by visiting the Maritime and Liverpool Life Museum and the Albert Docks. By visiting the museums, I could view the machines up close and take photographs of industrial machine such as steam engines. For this project, I wanted to gathering first resource as this would make my research stronger than just relaying on second hand research.

Also, going to the museum allowed me to see these machines up close and their mechanical parts. With the photographs, I have taken I have taken inspiration from them such as using cogs within my work.

I am very happy with my set of three limited edition posters I have crated, I feel that I have stuck to my design brief and all the research and experimentation I have done has helped me throughout this project.

Along side the above, I have taken on board all the feedback I have received from Dan, which has helped me towards achieving a professional set of print work for my client.

As you can see from looking at my work I have spent a lot of time experimenting with processing.

To create my work I have used Processing, Illustrator and Photoshop. To help the work be more professional I have had the printed and framed them as requested by the client.

To give the work a modern, clean look I have used bright colours for the shapes to make it look visible interesting. I have also used a metal effect image and change the blend mode to multiply and opacity this as added a nice textured look to the work. I have also used three different fonts, for the large text I have used Lato, Orator Std Medium for small text and TeX Gyre Adventor for the numbers. Using all three fonts work well together and help to make the posters look interesting. I was also able to find a black version of Manchester science and industry logo which makes the poster look official.

I wanted the posters to look the same throughout there design so I have kept the large text, lines, boxes, logo in the same place which emphasize the repetitiveness of the industrial revolution. How ever the generated art work I have used is different on all three. I have done this deliberately to symbolize the human element to the man-made machines.

I have taken inspiration from looking at swiss art, Joshua Davi and Casey Reas. which can been seen throughout my work. 


The code for the work I have used can been see on the below link, however it is better to view the entire work using processing.

I have code the work so that when you click onto the screen a Bolt, Cog or Spiral will appear. If you keep clicking more of them will appear. I have done this so it has a human eliminate to it. I have do first draw the Bolt, cog and spiral in illustrator them save as a SVG document.

Below are some of my examples


As this was my first time making work using Processing I am very happy with the out come. I feel that I have achieved what the client has set out in the design brief. The prints have been produced to a high standard. Along side this I have added a limited edition number as well. The overall look and feel of the work looks well balanced.




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