Final Major Project – Brief assignment and Analyse brief

Brief assignment

Titled and dated Documents

Name for project – Debra’s Wisdom

During the past two years I have been studying at college where I have covered, page layouts, book cover, animations, silkscreen print, graphic design, typography, illustrations, write a design brief and brake them down, develop a portfolio. And most important of all, be able to talk about my work professionally where I was able to obtain a job in the Graphic design industry.

I would like to incorporate these skills I have developed and use them in my final project. By doing this I will be able to produce a professional set of posters that have been well thought out and executed.

Introduction to Brief Assignment

This brief is a live assignment for personal development, where I have set myself to create a set of three posters, which visually bring my insights to life, my experience and hard-won wisdom. The the posters look modern, stylistic and clean. Posters to be printed to A3.

The posters can incorporate text or pictures to put across my experience; they also need to Pac a punch and get to the core of the heartfelt advice I am trying to express.

This set of work could be my legacy for my peers. The posters could even include bad advice I have been given, celebration of my times or depict something that I have learnt.

This is my opportunity to get introspective, Look at where I am now and capture how I have got there and what that means on paper and beyond. The poster must celebrate what I have learnt, and not be too dark.

As this project will be about me I will gather primary research in the form of collecting printed materials such as phrases, reports and photographs. As well as this I will also ask my family regarding advice they have given me over the years. I will need to write down a lot of phrases that I live my life by, as this is the main feature of my project. To help me find the right once to use for this project.

Second hand research such as looking at 5 different artist’s work/ art movements I find interesting and want them to influence and help me with developing my own work for this project.

This project will be typographical as well as incorporate photographs or illustrations I have done. I will create more than three posters; I will try to design 4 to 5 to find the best once that work well together as a set of three. By working this way it will allow me to be more creative as well as me more opportunities.

The posters needs to be eye catching, standout and also be unique and explore by personal style as well as display my personal information.


Assignment 01 –  “Application”  02/05/17

Assignment 02 –  “Exploration”  12/06/17

Assignment 03 –  “Realisation”   12/06/17

Research Proposal

I will break down my design brief and make notes of what I need to do. And if there are any constraints I need to consider when producing the set of posters. I will also put together a mind-map to pin down what I will be focusing on.

For the development of my primary research I will gather information about my self such as any phrases I live by, reports, photographs I have taken. Along side this I will gather information I have collected from my family members. This will be a good starting point.

When I come to look at and write about the 5 different artist’s work/ art movements I will begin my research by looking through books, rather than just relaying on the Internet.

My research will focus on Artists that produce poster art, typographical, data visualization, Swiss design and graphic design. I will look at all of the above as it will help me to create visibly interesting set posters.

I will using the Harvard referencing and have a Bibliography of all the books I have used for my research.

Other things to help with my research,

  • Break down of design brief
  • Mind Map
  • Project planning
  • Mood board
  • Phrases

Delivery Outcome

As this is a personal development I have sent myself tasks such as need to make a set of three posters to be printed to A3 in size and they must be printed to 300dpi.  The posters I will be creating will need to incorporate one or some of the below,

  • Typographical
  • Graphic design
  • Illustration
  • Photography

Review Proposal

As I am working full time I have created a blog for this project on my WordPress account, it will include all the Information about my project as well as all of the research, experimentation and final work I have done.

With having my work on my online blog I will be able to ask my tutors to have a look at this if I need any help on the days I am not able to attend college and also see my progressing. Throughout the production stage I will be reviewing my work all the time to see what works and also writing down any feedback I have received.

On my blog I will have 6 areas such as Assignment, Research, Development, Production, Post-Production and Evaluation.

Work diary

To help me with my time keeping for this project I will put together a timetable and complete a weekly planner noting down all of the work I need to do and mark off the work I have completed for each week, this will help me to keep on track and on time. All of this I will be uploading onto my blog each week. My tutors will be able to view this online and see where I am up to and to also give me feedback.

Analyse brief

To start off my final project I first analysed the design brief, and broke it down and highlighted information that was relevant and important. I did this so that I had a better understanding of what was being asked of me and what I needed to achieve.

These are some of the things that I need to be aware of when starting a project to help me plan my time successfully and keep to a deadline.





To start of my research I needed to look at 5 samples of artists or art movements, which can be,

  • Poster Designers
  • Data Visualization
  • Swiss Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Typography

To help me find the information I require I will be looking through design magazine such as creative review and design books.

Along side the above I will also be looking on Pintrest and Google, but I don’t want to just rely on the Internet research.

Design Brief

The aim of this brief is to create set of three posters which incorporate my wisdom. The posters must be professionally printed and framed. Throughout this project I will need to documents my development and experiment and processes I have used to create the final work.

Client information

As this project is a personal development the clint would be myself. I have sent myself constraints which I will stick to.

Time scale

There are three assignments due dates for this project they are listed below,

Assignment 01 –  “Application”  02/05/17

Assignment 02 –  “Exploration”  12/06/17

Assignment 03 –  “Realisation”   12/06/17

I will set my self a timetable to stick by, I will also be completing a weekly planner of tasks I need to do as well as mark off tasks I have completed.


I must design set of three posters which will incorporate my winsome using typography, graphic design, photographs or illustrations. Posters must be printed 300dpi and size A3, and look professionally.

I need to approach this work in a unique way and include my own personal style, yet still being able to design a professional visually interesting print for my client.

  • The posters needs to be eye catching and standout
  • 300dpi
  • A3

I can use what every colours I want for the posters, this will be good because I am not limited or constricted. I want to Produce A3 posters as I feel this size will show my work at its best. I do not have a target audience for this set of work.


Posters must be printed to 300dpi, Look modern and include information about myself.





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