On this page are my initial Ideas, I have stated off with drawing thumbnails which can be seen in the below photographs. I have taken inspiration from looking at Swiss design and Stefan Sagmeister work.


Work created using illustrator, I have also used photographs I have taken of my hand for the background layer. I have experimented with using Photoshop, Illustrator and after effects.


From looking at Sagmeister work and been inspired by it I want to have images of me in the photographs of parts of my body like my hand. I have experimented with using different text and different ways of applying text such as fonts, hand writing it text. I have even made some of the text looking 3D. This work is every experimental and playful. I think some people might be offended because it looks like a bold statement. It might be best to stay away from this because I do not want to offend the audience.



With the photographs I have taken below I have experimented with using lego to create text (Hard Work). I have done this so I can see how this would look. The work looks good but personal I do not really want to go down this avenue because I feel that I could do stronger work.


On the below work I have used cinema 4d to create 3d looking text and imported the file into photoshop onto the photographs I have taken. I have done this because I want to see how 3D text from a different programme could work with a photograph. The over all look of this work I do not like because it feels weak and not a strong piece of work.



Tutorial watch to create the above work- how to create bubble text.


More experimentation work


To create the above work I first took photographs of my side profile then using photoshop I removed the backing ground by adding a refine mask and change the colours by adding a gradient in the style of the premier league. I like this work as it look interesting. How ever I will need to take better photographs from different angels. I have also experiment with different was of showing the text. This style of work is know as duotone.


With the above work I have also experiment with different was of showing the text, such having the text aper from behind me, or over my face. I have also separated the letters to make the work look interesting and modern.


With the above work I have move the image of me to the corner and rearranged the letters to see how this would look.

I prefer the duotone work because I feel this is a much strong way to show work and I can experiment a lot more because I like the initial idea.

More experimental work


To create the above work I have copied the original image twice and on the layer styles made changes to the advanced blending box by untick different boxes on each of the image layers. I have done this because it will create different colours, then move the image so the colour are more visible. I wanted to see how they effect would work on the bright vibrant background colours. I think it has made the images look too blur and is rather difficult to look at.

half tone-01

With this piece of work I have made the image be halftone, I wanted to experiment with different way of having the image. This idea work well and colour look interesting for my set of three poster.



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