How I have created my work

I first open the image I wanted to use in Photoshop, using the quick selection tool I draw around the image of myself. Once I selected the area I then inverted the image and made alterations on refine edge.


I have made the background layer green, then I added a gradient layer (from blue to green) which I then was able to add this to the photograph layer by using a clipping mask. The effect I have used is know as duotone, what also help is the quality of the image is good.


Never Give Up On Your Dreams – Poster


Information I have added

(The information I have used is the name of the units I have covered in college).

Image manipulation using computer application

Extending specialist techniques

Graphic image making

Personal and professional development

Application, exploration and realisation

Promoting art and design work

Visual recording

Digital story telling

2D Animation production

Ideas and concepts

Principles of software design and development

Website design

Motion graphic and compositing video

Materials, techniques and processes

Contextual influences

Computer in art and design

(This information runs along the top of the posters showing, yearsI was in college work and Uni ).

City of Liverpool College                              Work                                        Liverpool Hope Uni

2015/17                                                             2003/17                                    2005/11


Hard Work Pays Off – Poster



Information I have added

(The information I have used is the name of my blog titles on WordPress).

Logo Branding

Portfolio/ CV/ Cover letter

Screen printing


Aspect ratio

Frame rate


What is motion graphic?

What is video compositing?

What is compression?

What is compression?

After effects

Hidden worlds


Final major project

Skrillex and diplo – “where are ü now” with Justin – Bieber (office video)

The 100 (TV series) / title sequence

The man from u.n.c.l.e – opening titles

The shannara chronicles opening credits

Bupa emma tv advert

E4 : current idents : cafe blimey ident

MTV hits – idents

Sony bravia tv advert

Calvin Harris – my way (lyric video)

Guardians of the galaxy

Tron: legacy official trailer

Semi-permanent 2015 opening titles

Créditos festival inspirational 2014 – pieza del

(This information runs along the top of the posters show the hours I have put into developing my skills).

Skill developed                Skill developed                 Skill developed on

at College                          at Home                              Placements and Work

2015/16 – H496                 2015/16 – H327                   2015/16 – H402

2016/17 – H465                 2016/17 – H293                   2016/17 – H355


Think Positive – poster



Information I have added

(The information I have used is feedback I have received from my teacher over my 2 years of study).


Progress to Date

Debra is developing her production work in areas of graphic design and illustration.

There has been a noticeable improvement in the quality of work, its reflecting industry standard and Debra has shown a greater confidence and understanding in all areas of visual communication.

Tutor Comments

Debra is a hard working student, focused and ambitious. She is growing more confident in her ability to produce graphic design work to a high standard. We are predicting that Debra will gain very high grades this year.

I have asked if Debra needs additional support for dyslexia, but she feels confident without any additional support.

(This information runs along the top of the posters are places I have worked during beeing at college).

Morrisons                Liverpool Hope Uni                  Passport Office

2003/17                     2015/16                                        2015/17


I like the information I have chosen to use on my posters work because it is personal to me and show the dedacation and time I have put into developing my graphic design skills. And on each poster all the information is different and tells a story. Also they relate to the phrase on the posters as well as the symbols I have incorporated in the poster work.










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