Here are some of the photographs I have taken off myself to be used within my poster work.

When I was looking on Pintrest I came across poster work for spotify where they have used duotone.

I wanted the photographs to look interesting on the poster so by adding duotone I have made the posters look visible interesting. To achieve this effect I have

Examples of my work

Set of three poster work well together and look interesting, I think having the text being random looks good but it is slightly difficult to read. I also feel that I need more text on the poster – will need to think of other text to add on and what it should focus on. From looking the colours I have used I think the green shad may be too bright and intense.


On the above work I have added a vinuet to make the poster look dramatic.


With the above work I have added lines and shapes to the work in the style of swiss art, I felt the poster need something extra to stand out.



With the two works I have done above I have added a white box changed the blend mode to difference, it has given the posters a x-ray feel to the work which looks quite nice. I wanted the poster to have a unique feel to them which I have been able to achieve.

From reviewing the above work I feel that I have too much spaces around the letters which makes it difficult to read the word. I will look at creating work which has the phrase closed together and easy to read. I will also do some experimentation work regarding the image, such as displaying the image a lot smaller in scale.


More development work

After talking to Dan, Dan advised me to include other image`s into the poster design and to look at using different text/ fonts. Along side the above Dan also suggested to include data information such as how long it to for me to developed my skills over the years, units I have completed at college, time I have spent in college and at home doing graphic design work.  I could also include placements I have completed. And also meant some where that I have go the job I wanted.

With the below ideas I have tried to make the poster look more like a photographs from a polaroid camera. I do not think the double exposure will work well for my project and I will continue to use just one image for each poster design.

allthreeworks-together-different angels06


I came across this work when I was researching swiss style, I like the simpleness to this poster, and the use of duotone. I will taken inspiration from this work.

After talking to Dan I will include symbols on the poster work such as a positive symbol for “think positive” this will add a nice graphic feel to the work and look to the work.

(I have spelt Positive wrong in the posters below).

On the work below I have used three phrase rather then just using one, having three phrase have made the poster design look more interesting. And I have also added extra text/ information as there was not going on with in the poster. From added theses extra stuff the poster design and layout looks more interesting and feel like these is more going on.

Phrases I have used within my work-

“Think positive”

“Hard work pays off”

“Never give up on your dreams”

I have chosen the above phrase because I use then through my life and live by them. I also feel they best relate to myself.

I like the posters that have parts of a white background visible. I feel this looks more interesting and draws you in. I also like the images being on a angle rather then having them straight.

12.06.17set of three works02

After talking to Dan on the 12.06.17, Dan suggested to make the text for the phrase look clustered, I have don this on my work and by doing this has made the poster looking better, rather then having to much space around the text. I have also added date information such as how long I have spend developing my skills in college at home and on placements or work. Alongside this I have also include all the units I have covered in college.

12.06.17set of three works-red-idearsonly

The below work show some of my set of three posters, I wanted to see which ones work well together and look the best.

12.06.17set of three works

The set of posters I like the most are the set at the bottom where I have duplicated the image I think theses work best overall. I have changed the green to a slightly darker tone which gives the work a nice look and feel. The posters look nice and are busy now with having the dubble image and extra text.

12.06.17set of three works0407

I really like the look of these posters, the difficult part now is to try and pick the best set.

I like the use of graphic image within the poster work I feel they bring an extra quality to the poster.


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