On this blog page it shows my research such as Mind map, phrases, Artist work I have looked at and Moodboards.

Mind Map


On my mind map I have noted down information which could help me pin down the phrase I want to use with in my work as well as which avenue I which to go down.


On the below link you will be able to view a PDF photograph of my phrases I use, as well as phrase my family have said to me over the years.


The phrase I like,

“What dose not kill you make you stronger”

“Think positive”

“Hard work pays off”

“Nothing worth having comes easy”

“Never give up on your dreams”

I feel that the above phrase best represent me and my wisdom.

Books I have read,

Charlotte & Peter Fiell., 2005. Graphic design: for the 21st century. Italy : TASCHEN.

Robert Klanten., N. Bourquin, S. Ehmann 2008. Data Flow: visualising information in graphic design. Berlin : GESTALTEN

John O’Reilly., 2002. No Brief: Graphic Designers: Personal Projects., Singapore: ROTOVISION

Peter Hall., 2001. Sagmeister., China: ABRAMS

5 Artist/ Art Movement Research

Stefan Sagmeister  

I was looking through a book called “Graphic design for the 21st century”, this book was very useful. I was able to find an Artist work that I would like to focus on for my research. The Artist is Stefan Sagmeister he is a graphic designer and typographer from New York.

What I like about Sagmeister work is his combination of typography and graphic design. In Regards to the work below called “Style = Fart” which depicts a photograph of a man’s chest with what looks like scratches/ self-harming cuts on his body which is displaying a message. This work looks interesting and shocking at the same time. The message simply is stating when Sagmeister lecture will be.


I like his piece of work because I feel that it would link in well with my own project as I am focusing on phrases I find useful and live by. I want to be able to display them in an interesting but effective way.

I also like Sagmeister’s “Aizone” Campaign work as it is quite a bold statement to write information onto your body. I find this set of work beautiful and fascinating because having the white text on a black makes it looks more dramatic and powerful. This set of work is visuals striking advisement work. Sagmeister explores different ways of showcasing information which is what I would like to also incorporate this within my own work and what I also like about Sagmeister work it self.

Sagmeister other work using typography can be seen below.

Even the work that shows a photograph of a knee with white text, I could do something on the same line is this. I could focus on using a photographs of my hand with the chosen phrases shown around or on the hand.

Ian Jepson – Poster Work

Ian Jepson is an illustrator based in Cape Town, South Africa. Working 5 years in the industry Jepson has become Freelance designer specialising in costuming posters designs and book covers.

I like Jepsons work he use strange images in his poster designs which make them visually interesting to look at, as well as making me wonder how he has achieved the final look and feel. Even the typography used on the posters are interesting and complements the art work.

To create the posters Jepson hand draws each illustrations works then scans it and imports the file into illustrator where Jepson is able to build up the poster and arrange the layout.

Jespon’s work is very detailed and well thought out; the typography used complements the style of the poster. The colours used are strong and bold which help make the posters look dramatic. When you look at Jepsons work there is a lot going on within them such as the different texts and illustration works.

Jepson has even given the posters a grainy look by adding texture which adds a nice quality and feel to the posters.

On his web site when you click onto his work it shows you each stage of the process he uses to create his work, It is nice to see where he had started from and how he has achieved the final look. This will be a good resource for me to use when creating my work.

I would like to be able to achieve this with my own project. Jepson is very inspiring and influential, I would like to take reference from his work which will help me to achieve professionally looking set of posters.

Nicholas Felton – Data Visualisation

I have chosen to look at Felton’s work because I want to be able to some how incorporate visual data into my work. What I like about Felton’s work is the use of simple colures which complement each other; even the layout of the data he has recorded is well thought-out. Felton’s design his work in an easy way to understand and follow but also stylistic at the same time. The use of graphs and grids have been created to look interesting and to also engage the viewer.

Felton’s work is a recording of what he has been up to thought-out the year such as places he has visited. At this stage I don’t know how I would be able to incorporate this into my work, however I will experiment to see if I can achieve this.

What I could take from looking at Felton’s work is the way he display the information/ text the used of tall but thin fonts.

Swiss Style

I have chosen to look at Swiss Style because of the design work such as the layout and the way text is show helps to create visible interesting work.

International Typographic Style (Swiss Style) started in 1950’s . The concept is asymmetrical layouts built around a mathematically construed grid. Typography created by this movement was called  helvetica.

I like the below poster with the staking yellow background and the thick bold black font used looks nice and simple. It is not overwhelming to look at, and your eyes easy move around the layout. The layout is simple but yet effective and visual looks nice, and using the bright colour yellow draws your attention. I also like the use of lines which help to brake up the text and is also a guide line for your eyes.

What I would like to take from looking at Swiss style is the modern, clean and stylistic look these posters have. I want my posters to be stylistic so I could look the way text has been set out.

Alex Trochut – Typography

Trochut (born in Barcelona, 1981) is a graphic designer, illustrator, and typographer. Trochut’s work is vibrant, attractive, fun and eye catching to look at, and makes me wonder how he has achieved his work. When I first saw Torchut’s works I was blown away at how amazing they are. His ability to use illustrator to create his stunning work is influential.


Trochuts design work incorporates the essence of the subject he is advertising. This was evident in the work he produced for Nike where he used the laces to form and then make up the text on the page. Even the colours he used compliment each other, and his work incorporates today’s fashion. You can tell from his work that he enjoys what he is doing because they have an element of fun. Trochuts approach to his work is fresh and different from anything else out there on the market.

Some of Trochuts clients include Nike, Adidas, Puma, The Rolling Stones, BBC, Coca-Cola, British Airways, Pepsi, The Guardian, The New York Times, and Time Magazine.

Looking at Trochuts work has inspired me to explore and be more creative in the design and how I should present the typography.



On this moodboard I have focused on looking at artist work I like.

Wisdom Poster on the market

I have look at these because some of the design work is nice and some are not nice design wise and I would like to stay away from that and be able to create soothing unique.


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